Where To Post What

If you are not sure where to post, please use this guide:

  • I want to ask a question related to the topics discussed on a call – please post to the Forum associated with the Group
  • I have a question (eg. Tech-support question) – please post to the Forum in the Group (eg. Tech-support Group Forum)
  • I have multiple questions – please post individual questions to the Forum
  • I need help with something, I’m not sure where it fits – please post individual questions to the Main Activity Feed
  • I want to suggest a topic for a call – Please post to the Group Feed for the call Group (eg. Tech Support Group Feed)
  • I want to talk to others or discuss topics covered on calls but don’t want to ask specific questions – Please post to the Group Feed for the call Group (eg. Tech Support Group Feed)
  • I want to chat/talk/discuss with others in a Group – Please post to that Group’s, Group Feed

Thank you for helping us keep IntoDesign easy to use.

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What is the Forum?

Forums are linked with Groups so that you can ask specific questions related to topics that are searchable to others and helpful for designers in the years to come!

Please help us keep IntoDesign user friendly and keep your forum questions in the Forum and your discussions in the Group Feed. Everyone is welcome to answer questions on the support forum!

How to use the Forum:

  • Title posts clearly stating the question (to help users find your post when they have a similar problem). Explanations can be posted in the main post.
  • Only post one questions/problem per post.
    -Please do not post client details – all client details need to be removed prior to uploading images/drawings or else the post will be deleted without warning.
  • Please stop and think before posting private company documents or sensitive information. We cannot take responsibility for documents you upload to the site.
  • Personal projects should be posted to the Group Feed.

What is the GROUP FEED?

Each Group Feed is directly linked to a specific Group. You can’t participate in the Group feed unless you are part of that Group.

If the Group is not private, you will be able to join the group and use the Group Feed to discuss topics. Some Groups have Forums associated with them. If so, they will be linked with the Group.

The Group Feed should be familiar to use, as it is similar to most other social platforms but please keep the topics relevant to each Group.

What is the main ACTIVITY FEED?

The main activity feed shows everything that is happening across the website in all the groups, forums, group discussions and shared/visible file activity.

This is a great place to say hi to friends, get to know people, ask questions relating to personal projects and get feedback from all users of the website.

Feel free to introduce yourself here when you first sign up and get to now our amazing community!